Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Deeper With Enthrea (Part 2)

Enthrea has four common races.They are Manusia, Revan, Drak and Selza.

Manusia more commonly known as “the Human Race”, is the newest race of Enthrea, having appeared only about eight hundred years ago.In this short time, however, they have become one of the most common races.

Revan is the native race in Enthrea. They are humanoid in form, but more lithe. Although fragile, they possess strong spiritual powers. Members of this race are very long-lived, but stop aging at 6-20 years. As a result, they always look young, though their age may be in the hundreds. The younger they stopped aging, their spiritual power will be stronger.

Drak is a race whose members have fused a unique animal trait into their bodies.This has left them sterile, but upon death they are reborn as an egg, which hatches after approximately one year. Their number never increased nor decreased, there are only ninety nine "Draks" in Enthrea.

Selza is a reptilian race which has much in common with raptors.  Members of this race can communicate telepathically. Their powers of telepathy and telekinesis stem from their Exonyc, located on their forehead. They are a solitary race, avoiding contact with other races as much as possible.

Beside them, there is a forbidden race that called Half-Revan that is born from the cross-breed between Manusia and Revan. Half-Revan cannot give birth to any children, but has great power beyond the power of Manusia and Revan, they have the physical strength like Manusia, but will stop aging like a Revan. Any pure Revan or Manusia always hunt this race to be annihilated, they will also slay the parents because they broke the taboo and any Half-Revan is recognized as disaster-bringer or misfortune.

Wait for their extraordinary stories in the next episode of "Eternal Grace" where they are involved in Enthrea's political intrigues and condition. Curious? Keep on reading for the next story...


Friday, July 29, 2011

New Version and Patch Released!

Thank you very much for your understanding, your patience and your bug reports to us. We want to announce that Eternal Grace Episode 1 now has it's new version and patch that fixed the previous found bugs and glitches. It's also has new more balanced difficulties than before. We hope it can meet your expectations and you can enjoy playing Eternal Grace Episode 1 more.

We officially announced Eternal Grace Episode 1 Version 1.1.
You can download the Newest Version or Patch of Eternal Grace Episode 1 here for free.

Best regards,

Enthrean Guardian


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Deeper With Enthrea (Part 1)

Enthrea is a planet that is not round like Earth. Each continent that has hexagonal form is called Plate. Each plate has an upper and lower side; the Pillar is located in the center on the lower side, while Enthrean’s people live on the top. The Pillar is a nature construction that has huge energy to form the atmosphere of Enthrea, so it can prevent the strike of any outer space material that is approaching the Planet.

Enthrea has seven continents, each upon its own tectonic plate. The continents are known as Fone, Giuvir, Isu, Lizi, Sorgovil, Soxuv and Xiril

Fone is an ice-covered continent, inhabited by many Revan and Selza. Some of the population live underwater. This continent is also called the Cold Continent.

Giuvir is a large archipelago comprised of many small islands. Several lesser kingdoms of Manusia and Revan are located there. The people here has many kinds of culture and myths that drive them to have alliance or enemies with another kingdoms.

The climate of Isu is hot and dry, with much of the land covered by deserts. Most of its people are inmates (or former inmates) of penal colonies, or citizens who can‘t afford to move elsewhere. It's very hard to make a living here, but there is still some people who can survive and keep alive. Enthrean people has a term about people who can survive many dangerous things, "They are must be Isu people."

Lizi comprised of several floating islands. This continent is the most technologically advanced with many inventors and incredible machines. A few engineers there have even been known to produce artificial humanoids known as “robots”! The People of Lizi love to trade their inventions to other continents, They always trade it for the new or rare materials that couldn't be found on Lizi to make the further progress of their researches.

With its towering cities full of skyscrapers, Soxuv is the economic backbone of Enthrea. This region has become the central hub of trade and industry for the entire planet. The people here are hard workers and clever in economic field. Many big organization of Enthrea starts from this continent.

Sorgovil was once known as the “Plate of Paradise”, back when it was beautiful, luxurious, and its people were prosperous. However, a strange natural disaster has kept the entire region enshrouded in Eternal Ice for the last 40 years. The temperatures are so unimaginably low that all life there freezes instantly. The cause of this phenomenon is still not known. Sorgovil is now full of mystery and the people of all over Enthrea chose to keep away from this continent that located on the center of Enthrea.

Xiril is a fertile continent, retaining much of its rustic charm and natural beauty. The people of  Xiril are mostly farmers and miners. Xiril is the place where the story of Eternal Grace Episode 1 occured.
Offelia City and Offeldive Village is located in Xiril. There’s an old legend about Offeldive Village. They say that a great woman founded it and lived here for many years. Hundreds of years, some say. Why, others say she might even still be alive! Some also credit her for bringing foreign culture to the village, such as Batik clothing and the Jaipong dance, which have become a part of this villager's culture.

What is Manusia, Revan and Selza? We'll let you know them later, so keep on touch.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Eternal Grace Episode 1 for 64 bit computer is Now Available!

Eternal Grace Episode 1 for 64 bit computer is Now Available! Now the 64 bit computer owner can also dive into the world of Enthrea. To try the 64 bit version, you can simply went here and choose the download for 64 bit version. There is no significant difference between the 32 and 64 bit version of Eternal Grace Episode 1.

Another news, Eternal Grace team had been interviewed by Joyverter, check the interview here.

We hope you enjoy it.

Best Regards,
Enthrean Guardian


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Eternal Grace Episode 1 Is Released!

Dear all, after several months full of debugging and polishing, to guarantee your best experience, we proudly announce:

Eternal Grace Episode One is now released

Eternal Grace Episode 1 will bring you into the beginning of whole Eternal Grace story, and where the story is started.

Get the game here, and enjoy your adventure in Enthrea!

System Requirements:
  • Windows XP/Vista/Seven
  • Pentium 4 1.8 GHz or Athlon XP 1500+ processor or higher
  • 512 MB RAM or Higher
  • VGA 128 MB or Higher (you can use onboard graphics card)
  • 65 MB free hard disk space
  • DirectX 8.1 or Higher

We are expecting your feedbacks to improve our games continuously. Please send any feedback to and we will try our best to fulfill your expectation.

Enjoy the game and feel the real taste of Eternal Grace.

Best regards,

Enthrean Guardian

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